The paradox of innovation is that it is both essential to businesses' survival and carries huge risks that can destroy companies. The Institute studies how to consider the tradeoff between innovation and risk in light of broader social goals that could be achieved through innovation.

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    Vague Hopes, Active Aspirations and Equality

    The term human capital describes a set of skills, strengths and know-how that are valuable—both in the narrow sense of being “commercially valuable” (Lindsey, 2013), and the wider one of contributing to a flourishing, deliberate, purposeful life.As Heckman (2014) puts it: “Skills are capacities to act [emphasis added]…They shapeexpectations, constraints, and information” (p. 6). Read more

    Can Structural Reform Boost Economic Growth?

    How to rebalance Chinese economy has become a topic of heated discussion. After years of fast economic expansion, now China faces a difficult crossroad. The global financial crisis provided clear evidence that China’s traditional export-driven strategy is vulnerable to slumps of the external demand. Read more