Public & Private Institutions

    Public and private institutions both have a role to play in innovation by shaping and creating markets. The question is how public organizations should be structured to better accommodate risk-taking and build the capabilities to manage the challenges created by disruption.

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    Social Power and Development in the Middle East: a transnational perspective

    The chief obstacle to transformative change in the contemporary Middle East is the region-wide configuration of social power which was consolidated in the Arab provinces of the Ottoman Empire and which survived the transition from empire to post-Ottoman independent states largely intact. Read more

    New Economic Teaching -Bridging Four Gaps

    When the Curriculum Open-access Resources in Economics (CORE) project launched on 11 November 2013 at Her Majesty’s Treasury in London, we promised that we would be ‘teaching economics as if the last three decades had happened’. The last six months have shown us that this is challenging but we are well on our way to doing it. Read more